Products & Services

Random Width/Random Length Lumber
PJ Lumber supplies large volumes of FAS and 1C White Oak in 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, and 8/4 thicknesses. We also supply FAS and 1C, 4/4-8/4 in Red Oak and Southern White Ash. Inspected piece by piece, our lumber is guaranteed to be on-grade and of the highest quality on the market.
Ripped To Width Strips
Running 7 rip saws daily, PJ Lumber offers fixed width strips in Rustic and FAS grades with 4/4 White oak and in FAS with 5/4 White Oak.  We also supply some fixed width FAS strips in Red Oak and Ash.  Our 4/4 FAS White Oak strips are offered 3”-12”, full container volumes available in each width.
Custom Storage
Our close proximity to the Port makes PJ Lumber an excellent place to store your material while you wait on the next ship.  Specializing in the storage of forest products, we know how to keep your material safe and dry.  We also supply the custom markings you may need in final preparation of shipment.